Edition 2017




For even more beautiful photos, go visit the blog of André Hébrard who accompanied us throughout the festival:

JOUR 1 "Les Ambiances"
JOUR 1 "Les Ateliers"
JOUR 1 "Les Bals"
JOUR 1 "Les Concerts"
JOUR 2 "Les Ambiances"
JOUR 2 "Les Ateliers" 
JOUR 2 "Les Bals"
JOUR 2 "Les Concerts"
JOUR 2 "Boeuf musical"
JOUR 3 "Les Ambiances"
JOUR 3 "Les Ateliers"
JOUR 3 "Les Concerts"
Exposants et Luthiers

Many photos of Véronique Chochon are also visible on facebook : Comboros 2017 album