And in the year ...

Balls in Combrailles

Throughout the year, balls are organized on the territory of combrailles:

               # 18 Novembre, with the Brothers Villeneuve & Tsapluzaïres

               # 17 February, with Bresièr, Couteau-Canif and le chat qui miaule

                # 21 April, with Bourrée de Vergheas (the locals of the stage), Les Frères Maurel (music of the Combrailles of the 21st century), Les Frères Villeneuve (trad-punk ball-what you want) and the Combovix

               # 30 June, at St Maigner with the Orchester des frères Maurel, Bourrée de Vergheas and Duo Roche-Breugnot


Project "Traditional dances in Combrailles"

Realization of an exhibition, organization of a final event and promotion of the project with the Autonomy Residence of St Gervais d'Auvergne and the Home Help Service of the Pays de St Eloy.

With the help of stakeholders, residents and beneficiaries are led to an exhibition on traditional dances in Combrailles. This "red thread" brings them:

Steering Committee Meetings