Instrument Makers

Comboros is a gathering focused on traditional music and dances that also aims to highlight local heritage’s various richness as an intangible cultural heritage. We will welcome some instrument makers to exhibit their creations at St Gervais d'Auvergne.

The festival will take place in the heart of the village of St Gervais. The instrument makers will be located
in front of the Halle Coeur de Combrailles, and will be accessible for free:


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Exhibitors 2019

Ewen d'Aviau : Accordions and creation of various music instruments
Benjamin Pouzadoux : Hurdy-gurdy
Arnaud Soulerin : Ukuleles, banjoleles
Lisa Wolf : Clarinets, bagpipes
Julie Maroncles : Fiddles, violas, cellos
Jean Daniel Talma : Bones’ flutes, horns and elderberry
Yvon Le Coant : Whistles
Christophe Villeveygous : Hurdy-gurdy
Dominique Engles : Hurdy-gurdy
Patrick Parassols : Bouzouki, epinette des Vosges, dulcimer
Aymerick Tron Alvarez : Guitars, bouzouki-guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, charangos
Mickaël Chaput : Hangs
Jean-Michel Plasse : Accordions’ repairing and tuning
Henri Renard : Hurdy-gurdy, chifonies, organistrums
Serge Durin : Bagpipes from Centre
Pierre Thouvenin : Accordions
Gabriel Monnier : Western concert flutes’ mouths
Alexandre Puddu : Mandolins, mandocellos, ukuleles, guitars
Philippe Berne : String instruments
Giampiero Beltrando : Bagpipes
Jeannin Raphaël : Bagpipes
Jérémie Vanglabeke : Accordions

Mathéo Hebert (Phonolithe) : disks, books...
Jean-Yves Coissard (Broc Culture) :
vinyls, disks

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