Many music or danse half-day workshops (3h) are proposed between Thursday afternoon and Sunday this represents 7 time slots.

- This year there are 7 moments for workshops: Thursday afternoon, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
- The capacity of the workshops is fixed and differs depending on the locations.
- It will not be possible to change during the workshop, for reasons of respect of the capacity and pedagogical logic.
- Most workshops are given only once (exept for "Discovery of traditional instruments")
- Once the capacity's limit is reached, the workshop will disappear from the form and can no longer be chosen.

We recommend that you use the form and book your workshops even though it could still be possible to register at your arrival at festival if there is still some room!

Soon more info will follow, do not hesitate to register for the Facebook event

2019 workshops

Mandatory inscription workshops
Presale here and on site sale
In the same time, you could also do...
Walk “discovery of wild edible plants”, free pricing
Couple dances

Cynthia Jeuland & Camille Lainé
Irish Session

Show “La bête à 7 têtes”
Nature outing “wildlife, natural environments and soundscapes” free pricing
Initiation to ball dances
Ball “des ptit’s crapauds” (children)
Concert domestiques
circus, free pricing

Musette ball
Concert Cavez-Padovani
Circus show
Comboros workshops 2019 - 1st to 4th of August - Saint Gervais d'Auvergne  


#  Don't hesitate to use the links in the table to have more information about the workshop (in french)
Every workshop is independant. Contrarily to last year, no workshop last more than a half-day.

#  Traditional instruments discovery : The presented instruments will be hurdy gurdyn melodeon, pipes, fiddles, banjo. This workshop is for complete beginners in theses instruments (from 9 years old). It will be a momentof discovering and trying but not a learning workshop. The instruments will be loaned for the duration of the workshop. Discovery in itself will be collective, through the practice of Sound Painting. The workshop will be held twice during the festival so that more people can attend.

#  Trahitional workshop : trahison in French means betrayal... The purpose of this workshop is to use traditional music as a starting point but explore many things, taking advantage from the timbres and possibilities granted by the people who will attend and work on radical arrangement.

#  How to circulate in a ball : These 3 workshops proposed by RésiTrad are linked but independent. It's totally possible to attend only one... but feel free to register for all of them if you want!